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Unalome is happy to be able to ship across Canada & the USA for the flat rate of only $7

Why Unalome?

The Unalome symbol represents the wisdom and path to enlightenment. It reminds us that life is a journey & the path is very rarely straight. Our hope is that while wearing your Unalome Bracelet you are reminded to trust in your journey, and know it's all part of a larger plan.

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  • Hi, I'm Tracy

    I'm so glad you're here. Just over two years ago I began to gift my jewelry and discovered solace in creating custom pieces, specifically bracelets. I have a deep belief in the healing properties of crystals and sincerely hope you'll enjoy the benefits as much as I do.

  • Quality is Imperative

    Each bracelet you'll find here is custom made with 925 sterling silver or gold vermeil and only the highest quality crystals and stones.

  • One Of A Kind Pieces

    Each bracelet will arrive with a custom card to explain the healing properties of the stones used for your piece. Each bracelet is curated with love and thoughtfulness.